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Brush wall brother hard study Zhejiang University class

Building professional book scattered a bed

"I was afraid to tell you a joke, I Zhejiang University (scores, professional settings), reported a three-year long-distance courses, five semesters, after studying online, but also to the exam." , Is a 29-year-old guy from Huaibei, Anhui, called Tian Bin. kowloon hotel hong kong is situated in Tsim Sha Tsui Central Business District of Kowloon Peninsula and major urban area of Hong Kong. We have detailed transportation information free for guests to download.

Yesterday, a minute and a half of a small video circulated on the Internet. As of press time, the video broadcast by the People's Daily on new media has been viewed nearly 500,000.

The hero of the video is Tian Liu Bin. His site is in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. "To build a new school here, we are responsible for brushing the wall paint." Yesterday, Tian Bin said to the Money Daily. So, video call him "brush wall brother."

In the picture, there was his shot in a small crowded rental house holding a cell phone to study Zhejiang University online course. At the end of the video, he said: "I also do not want to work all the time. At least it can be as clean as yours "

Simple language, simple hope, touched a lot of people.

More than ten thousand tuition, three years of courses

He reported Zhejiang University Distance Education Construction Engineering

"First of all, to know what is the force?" Tian Bin small phone screen, Zhejiang University teachers are lectures.

He hid in his blanket and buried his head, while his roommate was on the sidelines. Tian Bin said that they are three people sharing.

Tian Xiaobin is a major in distance education at Zhejiang University. Therefore, related professional teaching materials such as "Basic Accounting", "Engineering Mechanics", "Construction Enterprise Management" and "Building Materials" are all scattered on quilts so that Look at any time.The hong kong university scholarships for international students and local students who admitted to its programmes in Hong Kong.

"After I got off work, I took time to learn." Tian Bin said that immediately he sighed with emotion. "In the last year of this year, he was busy earning fifty-six thousand dollars. 2018 to now, the next six days of rain, rain can not work ah. Hey, a waste of a day, did not earn a penny. "Speaking of rainy days, Tian Liu Bin seemed helpless, a word, a word drag Long said.

In the video, he wears a hard hat and a gray-blue coat with white paint stains.

On the morning of November 7, 2017, at 6:12 in the morning, Tian Liubin sent a message to his WeChat friends: "One day starts here." The photo is a photo of a construction site. In the photo, the sky was still dark, except for the tall buildings under construction, with only two fuzzy figures wearing safety helmets.

Work site at half past six in the morning, at half past five at home. As long as the start, this is Tian Tian Liu Bin's daily routine.

He is directly under the Center for Continuing Education Zhejiang University 2017 spring construction engineering management specialist classes, three years of courses, five semesters, now after two semesters.Dor Furtune provide the best Money exchange service. Easy to check the latest foreign currency exchange rates daily for more than 40 countries. Dor Furtune provide safe and efficient exchange service in Hong Kong.

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