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"Exclusive" "general" Li Fei joined the blue

From 2016 to January 2018, Li Fei served as general manager of CAC group company in Fuzhou area, 2017 nominated 2017 China estate manager top 100 Fuzhou area candidate. In the outside world, Li Fei is a typical "Confucianism", the media had commented: he can talk about feelings of refined literature; in the real estate sector can also cross the battlefield immediately, gains the fruits.

Data shows, blue estate entered Chongqing in 2007, has been in the area of Nan'an District, Jiulongpo District, Dadukou District layout etc.. Since the entry of Chongqing, the blue light of Chongqing has achieved 7 land through the open market and has already carried out the project development. 4 of them have been sold out, only 3 projects are on sale by the national guest one, the blue light Lincoln Park and the blue light central square. It is worth noting that the national guest one department blue light, the joint development of the project, at present, by melting creation. According to the industrial and commercial information, the proportion of the Chongqing mean key company limited by the national key company is 51% of blue light and 49% in melts.

Picture: the situation in Chongqing's blue light (data source Yu Mingteng)

In addition to the "hang out" to carry out the development of the land, the acquisition, generation of subgeneration management is also the way Chongqing blue light expansion. In March 7th, Blu Ray released the February 2018 new project briefing, showing that Chongqing Blu ray bought the six phase of Shen Ye Sun City with the contract price of 600 million yuan.

It is reported that the name of the six phase of the Shen Ye Sun City project has been identified as "blue light Waterfront Park" and is expected to be in the market in the third quarter of this year. In addition, the Blu ray Park, Washington, Chongqing, Blu ray Park, Yuexu county and so on are all subcontracting and construction agent projects developed by Blu ray and southern group, that is, the land belongs to the southern group, and Chongqing Blu ray is responsible for building, marketing and property management.

Picture: projects developed in Chongqing's blue light through acquisition, etc.

Referring to the recent five years' sales volume of Chongqing blue light in recent years, the performance of the interface market finds that its performance is increasing year by year. Especially in 2017, Chongqing Blu ray entered the Chongqing housing company TOP20 with the sales amount of 4 billion 14 million yuan, compared with the 2016 performance growth of about 25.8%. In addition, the Ming Tengen data shows that the stock of Chongqing blue light is about 223 thousand and 100 parties, and the land reserves are about 461 thousand parties. It is understood that the strategy of the next blue light in Chongqing is "focusing on the main city and radiating the new three rings of Chongqing". Therefore, if we want to accelerate the expansion of the scale and further enhance the market share, it is important to increase the land reserve or the blue light of Chongqing in 2018.

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