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The only thing you should complain about is not working hard enough

Where you spend your time determining what kind of person you become.

What kind of place you spend on time determines what kind of person you become.

Remember, it's not where you came from but how hard you try that decides what level you finally end up in.

Remember, it's never your birth but your efforts to decide on your level.

If you spend your time in working out, you'll end up in good shape.

When you spend your time on sports, you will have a well-balanced body.

If you spend your time in learning, you'll end up with skills which help you survive.

You spend your time learning, and you will have the skills to survive.

If you spend your time in idling, you'll end up controlling nothing.

If you spend your time on decadence, you will get nothing.

If you spend your time queuing, you'll end up having neither time nor money.

You spend time on the line and you lose both time and money.

No one can decide how your life goes.

No one can influence your life.

And no one can live your life for you.

Similarly, no one can help you to live your life.

If you find your life not perfect enough, the only thing you need complain about is that you didn't try hard enough.

If your life is not perfect, the only thing you have to complain about is to work hard enough for yourself.

Only the weak complain about others.

Only the weak will complain to others.

The strong focus on how to become stronger.

The strong will only think about how to become stronger.

Complaining is the ugliest trash in this world.

Complaining is the most unsightly rubbish in the world.

Merits, on the other hand, is the fairest decoration one can wear.

Talent is the best modification for a person.

The world doesn't despise slow maturation. It despises lifelong mediocrity.

This world has never been afraid of a late bloomer, fearing a lifetime of mediocrity.

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