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How to walk to prevent disease out of health?

First, how to walk to prevent disease
1, go and prevent disease
A number of authoritative studies have found that insisting on a quick walk every day can effectively combat diabetes, reduce stroke and prevent dementia. Experts find that walking faster each day can improve immunity, reduce the risk of cold by 30%. For menopausal women, the role of brisk walking more obvious health care, after menopause, women suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia will gradually increase the chances. Harvard University study found that middle-aged and elderly women walk 45 minutes to 1 hour a day, the risk of stroke can be reduced by 40%.
Experts point out that in order to ensure the effect of exercise, fast walking should be at least 40 to 60 minutes. People who have just started to exercise can gradually increase the frequency and duration of exercise, take a walk every other day, from half an hour, gradually adapt to be insisted on a daily exercise. Most people go fast, I feel a little breath, body sweating, it shows that the amount of exercise standards. Some people like to walk with their hands, so the value of walking is almost zero, the right posture should be looked up, abdomen hip, crank swing. It should be noted that the best time to walk with diabetes, carry the best block of sugar to prevent hypoglycemia accidents.
2, back down treatment backache
Backstroke originated in the 1970s when some track and field athletes were injured and body resuming exercises were performed this way. Later, some sports experts pointed out that going back actually is a very good method of exercise. Back to exercise can usually exercise the waist and back muscles rarely used to balance the effect of exercise. For sedentary people, by walking down can effectively alleviate the pain of physical fatigue and back pain.
However, when elderly people have deteriorated their body functions and their balance ability is deteriorated, they may be in danger of falling down, knocking on their backs as they do not see the rear road conditions. In addition, the elderly legs and feet are not flexible, go back can not go too fast, so the intensity of exercise is very small, for cardiopulmonary exercise is very small, very uneconomical from the fitness effect. Therefore, the elderly try not to go back. Proposed to go back down, try to choose a smooth road, surrounded by relatively small environment, you can use the way forward and back together, walk half an hour a day, so that all parts of the body muscles have been exercised.
3, take the word step by step constipation
Exercise itself is to improve the natural prescription for constipation, go word by step more targeted. Take the word step is the way around the foot to take turns in the middle of the position between the feet, left and right feet to the ground at the same time, respectively, to the left and right sides twist hip, upper body to remain relaxed. This walk will lead to wriggling crotch, helps to increase the strength of the waist, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, can effectively prevent constipation. Take a step by step the amount of exercise need not be too much, take it as a part of every day walking exercise, walking 500 meters is enough. In addition, the need to pay attention to walking, put hip hips hips do not move too much amplitude, try to maintain body balance, so as not to sprain the ankle.
4, while taking the breath Pa Changbian
Walking, his hands half-grip, tiger's mouth open into a curved. Left foot forward while moving forward, his hands open to both sides of the body, while his left foot landed, his right hand gently tap the left chest (the nipple as the origin, the horizontal and vertical alignment of a straight line on the 1/4 area), the left hand Then flashed to the right waist. Then step right leg, left hand flapping the right chest, right hand flapping left lumbar, while moving forward, while the beat. This way of walking can exercise the lungs, help to breathe. When walking, keep your body upright and your eyes look forward.
5, do not humpback stride
The elderly often because of weak back muscles, relaxation, resulting in spinal deformity, humpback. When walking, may wish to shake off big steps, allowing the lower back muscles to be relaxed, at the same time, but also exercise the back and abdominal muscles, reduce the burden on the waist. Walking should pay attention to the upper body straight, chin extension, high rise, shoulders back stretch, step size to arms straight distance appropriate, while rejection arms, generally 80 to 90 steps per minute is appropriate.
6, running around burning fat
First do a short period of high-intensity exercise, and then for a slightly longer period of low-intensity exercise, leaving the body to recover time, called interval training. Compared with continuous aerobic exercise, interval training exercise intensity is higher, and can reduce the pain and fatigue after exercise. At the same time, high-intensity exercise also makes fat burning faster. Exercise, you can run for 15 seconds, and then walk for 45 seconds, so alternating for 20 minutes. You can also run 60 seconds, and then go for 3 minutes, so alternating for 30 minutes, long-term adherence can see the effect. This way the intensity is relatively large, shake the legs to shake the exercise, rejection of his arm, relax the body, to ease muscle tension.
7, walking is good temperament
One of the important reasons why the Queen of England has always shown her good health and vitality is that the Queen has a unique health law. For decades, the Queen has always insisted on a weekend walk, she walked in a very special way, using the "positive approach." Do not go for a walk like a soldier is very standard posture, as long as all the feet on the move, looking up chest, looking forward, until the body has the feeling of sweat to achieve the purpose of training.

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