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"Educational comparison" to play a bad child's holiday

When the last class is finished, the children of primary and secondary schools rush out of the school gate for a moment. They may say to themselves, "after the exams, they can finally take their tails up to the sky." "Children's paradise, animated cartoons, toys all wait for me, I come..." Not knowing, the waiting for them is perhaps the excitement of one night and a few days of indulgence, followed by a variety of "vacation tutoring".

I just finished the first grade primary school children in the first half year, in the first week after the holiday, she is happy to find the exciting area of buddy play, but found the buddies are very busy, not in counseling Chinese, mathematics curriculum "the advance class", in the Mathematical Olympiad, mental arithmetic is improved oral composition and so on, the ability of "training class", or is the culture of dance, calligraphy and painting and reading quality "training class". The winter vacation became the "third semester" of the children, and the parents who did not report the cram class had become "different".

The education of children has always been a hot issue of social concern, and it is also a difficult problem for the majority of parents to make their brains. Many parents reported every kind of extracurricular classes for children, from the "fancies of men of letters" to "Eighteen" Wu Yi ", from the" swing dance "to" poetry "," elevated "" outstanding student """. With the arrival of the holiday, this kind of alternative "educational comparison" ushered in a small climax.

Why in the background of the whole society to promote education burden, there are so many parents give their children, diligently have full curriculum ", and" the children to hurt each other? Especially in this section of this holiday arrangement should let the children get to relax and enjoy the happy time? The "cannot lose" mentality is the crux of the problem. In contrast with other people's children ", some parents are full of" consciousness ", summer vacation is the" corners "of the golden period.

"Now that social competition is so fierce, kids can't afford to rush at a young age, they can't relax in their holidays, or let their children play crazy, so they can't get back to school when they start school."

"Everyone is making up a class. Your child doesn't fill it up. It's not good if it falls behind someone else."

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