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"The best thing to do is to choose the blue background. Please don't wear school uniforms. Get your hair done before you take photos. Match the background with the background." Recently, in a self enrollment group of parents in Colleges and universities, an experience from Hebei Baoding parents has won a lot of praise in the group.

"According to the standard of mother-in-law choosing a son-in-law and mother-in-law choosing a daughter-in-law." Some parents said, "the details determine the success or failure, the university is not a child's war, but a common battlefield between parents and children."

According to usual practice, the pilot autonomous universities nationwide usually publish their own enrollment prospectus by the end of February. However, after the new year's day this year, the fighting gongs and drums of autonomous enrollment have already struck.

In the past few days, the Chinese Youth Daily and China Youth Online reporter found in several provinces in the country that the public welfare lectures for the independent enrollment of the training institutions have been opened in succession.

"A new battlefield for parents"

Soon after the end of a semester of busy busy, Wuhan city a key high school junior high school students Xiao Yang to relax, cold vacation life has been independent recruitment of the preparation work is full of full duty.

Even with the National Olympic awards and the powerful materials endorsed in the city's list of single subjects, Xiao Yang still does not dare to neglect.

In order to expand his knowledge, the young man who wanted to enter the history major began to widely dabble in the classic books such as the outline of the national history, the history of the world: power and the politics of difference. "Giving full consideration to the works of historians will enable the teacher to see my interest in history and research qualifications in my letters of recommendation."

The busy parents come earlier.

In recent years, a woman in the city of Wuhan has been spreading the sensitive nerve of a number of parents.

Although her daughter was awarded the provincial biological Competition Award in high school and met the Independent Enrollment Requirements of the Chinese teachers and the Wuhan University of science and technology for years, she still disliked the thin materials and hoped to give her daughter some evidence of social practice and community service.

"Independent recruitment of dry goods stick, teach you how to pick up more than 60 points" "I tested 673 points, down Tsinghua, I was defeated in the autonomous enrollment!" "super 600 thousand candidates choose independent enrollment, no prize candidates can also attack!"... Reporters found in the group, this article title is always attracting and stinging the parents' eyeballs.

"Before the college entrance examination is a single timber bridge, and now there are information warfare and resource war." Mr. Xu, a parent of independent admissions in Optics Valley, Wuhan, said that autonomous enrollment has become a new battleground for parents to open up the college entrance examination. Before the college entrance examination parents have no strength, but they have independent enrollment. Parents have a way to help their children.

Mr. Xu introduced that in the communication with the parents who have children's college entrance examination, a consensus has been formed, and the college entrance examination is sometimes down to nearly 10000 people. If we recruit students independently, there are 5 to 60 points, which is the shortcut for the children to be admitted to the famous schools. "Self enrollment has won a small step, and the college entrance examination has taken a big step."

Application photos, letters of recommendation, letters of recommendation, certificates, transcripts and social practice materials. Mr. Xu broke up the number of fingers, in order not to delay the study of children, the parents on the Internet to collect information on the Internet, set out to prepare all kinds of materials, hard work and hard work.

The study of Cheng Meng, the Education Department of Beijing Normal University, has shown that the proportion of students with higher education as well as the work of science and education is higher than that of the students, and more students are from the provincial and national demonstration high schools.

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